Maximus100™ Customer Reviews
 4.8 out of 5 stars


Excellent for targeting the glutes: just short of a butt blaster machine5 stars.1
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By Disciple of Hugeness on August 25, 2013

I bought this for my wife at her request. This is a true alternative to a home butt blaster machine, for much less of the cost and space requirement. As our otherwise well equipped local gym lacks a butt blaster, she wanted one to pre-exhaust her glutes prior to a leg workout. I was looking on Amazon for a home butt blaster machine, which is when I came across this. After 3 weeks of use, we conclude that this works as well as the machine. She slightly prefers the butt blaster due to the pelvic stability pad which allows her to use more weight as opposed to worrying about the stability associated with a free weight exercise. However, this is like comparing a smith machine chest press to a dumbbell press, and a matter of personal preference and what goals are being pursued. I would recommend the larger base, which is more capable of holding Powerblock® or Bowflex® type adjustable dumbbells. We use a generic knock off dumbbell system without difficulty.

This absolutely deserves 5 stars because the quality is outstanding military-grade, and it delivers exactly what it advertises.


5 stars.1
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By trish on December 7, 2012

I have just tried the Maximus 100 and I was a bit skeptical as to how it would work weight wise for a woman but this is now one of my favorite work out devices. The results are substantial and I would recommend this product.


Good Product half the price of machine version
4 stars
By John S on March 1, 2014

The product is solidly made & high grade materials are used, gives the same workout as the machines & works the stabilizer muscles which the machines do not. Just make sure to start out with very light weights & watch the DVD to make sure you are working the glutes & not the hip flexors.


Love it!
5 stars.1
By Sandy on February 17, 2014

This product is great for developing your glutes since you can progress to heavier weights over time. Would definitely recommend it.